Health 4 Hope

Health 4 Hope is an ongoing project as well as a project for specific patients in need. Through our general fund raising campaigns we provide free healthcare to patients in need. You can donate in general to Food 4 Hope, donate to Health 4 Hope specifically or even more specifically donate to one of the specific cases mentioned below.

Current Specific Patient Fund Raising Campaigns

Oom Hans

Oom Hans (Name changed due to patient confidentiality), is a 63 year old male. He fell from a height and fractured his wrist. Oom Hans is a pensioner with no medical aid.

The total cost of the surgery amounts to R88 518.96 following is a breakdown:

  • Mediclinic Thabazimbi Hospital: R62 763.38
  • Orthopedic Surgeon: R22 386.60
  • Anesthetist: R1 405.50
  • Occupational Therapy: R1 276.50
  • Radiology: R686.98

Total funds raised thus far: R45 000


Funds still needed: R43 518.96

Alexis Timmerman

Alexis Timmerman is a 12 year old girl that lives with her grandparents. Alexis was unfortunately hit by an on coming Taxi outside her School and fractured her Humerus bone and needs to undergo surgery. This has been an extremely traumatic event for Alexis as well as her Grandmother whom stood by her side since this horrific accident happened.

The total cost of the surgery amounts to R27 810 following is a breakdown:

  • Cure Day Hospital & Anesthetist: R27 810
  • Orthopedic Surgeon: Sponsored
  • Radiology: Sponsored
  • Physiotherapy: Sponsored
  • Orthosis: Sponsored

Total funds raised thus far: R2 700


Goal Achieved. Thank you to ALL our sponsors and donors!

All additional donations here will go toward Health 4 Hope

Alexis also sustained some injuries to her knee, this is tissue damage only and does not require surgical intervention.